Case Study: How SD-WAN is leaving MPLS in the dust 

Is it time to drop expensive MPLS?

Ever wonder if it’s time to ditch your costly MPLS connections in favor of a software defined solution? In many cases, it is. In this real-life case study, we stacked SD-WAN against MPLS for one customer, and came out with a clear winner.

The Situation

A large national company approached our team of architects looking for a solution to an ongoing series of enterprise-wide network connectivity issues: latency, slow downloads, VOIP dropped calls/connections and an inability to consistently collaborate using modern media such as video and conferencing technology – especially in remote offices.

As the firm grows, the company is looking to implement more robust business software – video conferencing, advanced VOIP and cloud infrastructure, for example. It has become evident that in many offices, existing links are not providing the reliable, consistent connectivity they need to serve their current usage, let alone support the highly demanding applications to which they are migrating. The need to upgrade bandwidth in some capacity is inevitable, but from an infrastructure perspective, there is no clear path outside of investing in more MPLS instances, a very costly option. Options under consideration include upgrading broadband speeds wherever possible, adding more MPLS connections or migrating some of the existing MPLS sites to faster, cheaper broadband. However, concerns arise over quality and reliability of a non-MPLS backbone in their organizational structure, and not all remote locations have access to higher bandwidth options.

We’ll walk you through the assessment for the above situation, what factors went into the analysis, and the recommended solution.

The case study not only demonstrably proves that SD-WAN costs less than MPLS, but ultimately shows that the savings are significant. And with SD-WAN, you won’t have to give up all the speed and functionality you’ve come to rely on.

Learn from real-world experiences implementing SD-WAN

Lower Your Costs

Scale at Cloud Speed

Retain High Reliability

By leveraging lower-cost Internet connectivity, enterprises can build reliable, high-performance point-to-point connections with faster ramp up times at significantly lower costs than with traditional MPLS-based networks.

Unlike traditional WAN routing approaches, SD-WAN is application aware; so you can ensure that services are delivered with the highest quality and performance.

Shifting to an SD-WAN enables much faster provisioning times and is more scalable than traditional infrastructures

The time is here. Learn how to improve your WAN and start realizing the benefits today!

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About our expert, Todd Ellison 

Todd Ellison brings 20 years of combined client-facing architecture experience to his role as Director, Networking for Veristor. His broad, in-depth knowledge of traditional, hybrid and virtual enterprise networking provides a strong foundation as he helps his customers deploy best-in-class architectures. As a former founding engineer and Vice President of IT at a regional managed service provider, Todd has worked with over 600 customers on projects ranging from multi-datacenter topologies to hybrid and full public cloud migrations.

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